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  1. What if schizophrenics really are possessed by demons, after all?
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I have a clientel, which is pretty large and extends over a number of continents, and where I live we are practically surrounded by Catholics; but during the last thirty years I have not had more than about six practicing Catholics among my patients. The vast majority are Protestants and Jews. Know you, then, that there be three kinds of worlds comprehended in a single name: the one standeth for the heavens and the earth, with water, air and fire, and all the things that are inferior to man. Now this world, again, also loveth God; because by nature they long after God, for as much as according to nature everyone longeth after God, even though they err in seeking Him.

And know ye wherefore all long after God? Because everyone longs for infinite good without any evil, and this is God alone. Therefore, the Merciful God hath sent his prophets to this world for its salvation.

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And this world our God hateth so much that if His prophets had loved this world - what think ye? Assuredly God would have taken from them their prophecy. And what shall I say? As God liveth in whose presence my soul standeth, when Muhammad the Messenger of God shall come to the world, if he should conceive love towards this evil world, assuredly God would take away all that He gave him when He created him, and would make him reprobate: so greatly is God contrary to this world.

And like Pharaoh they hardened their hearts: Wherefore they sought occasion to slay him, but found it not.

What if schizophrenics really are possessed by demons, after all?

Verily I say unto you, that for no other reason than his pride did Satan become reprobate. You must know that God is wicked and envious, and therefore he brooketh no equals, but keepeth everyone for a slave. And hath only spoken thus to you in order that you may not become equal to him. But if you and your companion do according to my counsel, you shall eat of those fruits like the others, and you shall not remain subject to others, but like God, you shall know good and evil, and you will do that which pleases you, for you shall be equal with God.

Devil or Demon worship has a very long history.

Full text of "Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern"

Yazidis], who inhabited the area around Mosul during the Ottoman period, supposedly the site of ancient Nineveh. They say it is true that the devil has at present a quarrel with God, but the time will come when the pride of his heart being subdued, he will make his submission to the Almighty, and as the deity cannot be implacable, the devil will receive a full pardon for all his transgressions, and both he and all those who paid him attention during his disgrace, will be admitted into the blessed mansions.

This is the foundation of their hope, and this chance for heaven they esteem to be a better one, than that of trusting their own merits, or the merits of the leader of any other religion whatsoever. The person of the devil they look on as sacred, and when they affirm anything solemly, they do this in his name.

All disrespectful expressions of him they would punish with death, did not the Turkish [Islamic] power prevent them. When ever they speak of him, it is with the utmost respect; and they always put before his name a certain title corresponding to that of highness or Lord. What then is the origin of these ideas and the system of belief, which accepts that Sadism, evil deeds and ideas need not, indeed should not, be resisted, or discouraged: With the death penalty reserved exclusively for those who blaspheme the devil and his advocates?

Part of the answer lies in the fact that in recent times we have seen W. Keith Ansell-Pearson, a politics lecturer at London University, even though Nietzsche had been pronounced clinically insane one hundred years ago. Therefore with the likes of Dr Ansell-Pearson, and the doyen of British Philosophy - Bernard Williams - also writing favourably about him, the increase in evil and sadistic behaviour should come as no surprise to anyone.

Surah 20, Ta Ha, verses , covers the event, and the dialogue immediately preceding the event between God and Adam, and between Satan, Adam and Eve. The prophetic Griffon Si-murgh tells the hero Cahraman, that she had witnessed twelve of these periods of seven thousand years, and that after his race was extinguished men would be suceeded by more perfect beings, who would be annihilated in their turn, and that the earth itself would be destroyed.

These superhuman creatures may be not inaptly compared with demons and angels of our ancestors; for the former are represented as most hideous and malignant, the latter as most beautiful and beneficient. What these races were originally when created, and with what powers they were vested, does not seem to have been anywhere mentioned: But Jan ibn Jan, the father of the Jin, the last of the seventy-two Solomons who governed the world in succession before the creation of Adam, having rebelled against the Almighty, and been defeated by the Angel Hharis, who was sent to reduce him to obedience; that angel too was elated by his success, and in his turn refused to obey God.

The Almighty having formed Adam, ordered all other creatures to bow down before him; but Hharis, sprung from the element of fire, scorned to make obeisance to a creature made of clay. The divs supported Hharis in his revolt; the peris opposed him; the greater part of the divs, therefore, were confined to Jehennem gehenna or hell , but some were allowed to roam about over the face of the earth, as a check upon men, and the peris were confirmed in the possession of their privileges We have no knowledge except that which You have taught us.

You, only You are the Knower, the Wise. Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them, He said: did I not tell you that I alone know the secrets of the heavens and the earth? And I know that which you disclose and that which you hide. Live with your wife in the garden, and eat freely of its fruits, but come not near to this tree, in case you become wrong doers. But Satan lured them out and caused Us to expel them; and We said: Fall Down each of you a foe unto the other!

There will be for you on earth a habitation and a provision for a time. The dominion of the peris was terminated by Eblis The devil in the Koran who had been created from the elements of fire, and whose abode was previously with the angels.

Eblis or Hharis, became the leader of the rebellious angels when they were commanded to do homage to the first created man, and being joined by the whole race of genii, the male and the female divs, whom he Iblis had formerly subjugated, he, like them, was deprived of grace. Eblis and his immediate followers were condemned to suffer for a long period in the infernal regions, but the remainder were allowed to wander over the earth as a constant source of misery to themselves and to the human race, whose obedience is put to the test by their devices and secured by the example of their degredation and sufferings.

We wonder why we have not yet managed to advance beyond, or eradicate these persistent, some would say, irrational ideas.

Perspectives of Moral Political Economy - Daud Pidcock - Part 1 - Global Vision 2000

All attempts to do so have failed, and must continue to fail, because they are not irrational, but true. Or, for that matter, that such beliefs and behaviour can still exist among apparently rational, and sophisticated individuals, conditioned by a secular western education and political system. At a time when disturbed and disturbing individuals are willing to submit not only the children of complete strangers, but themselves and their own children to bestial anti-human treatment, it is time to think again. Outrageous as it might seem, it must be accepted that, unless we extricate ourselves from the mental serfdom, technical-enchantment and the occult-escapism, seductively woven and operated by an unholy alliance of materialist mystagogues; ignoring the falsehood, cant, and argotic dogma of the hypnotic and despotic priesthood; of Rushdie, Stoppard and Co.

We either say enough is enough, or let them continue to sacrifice our children and ourselves on their sadistic altars of literary ego. The following acts were not carried out in the middle ages or to the best of our knowledge, on the N. Because of her involvement in Satanism, at 28, she recently had to have a hystorectomy and microsurgery to repair the massive internal scarring caused by two cult foetal sacrifices and rape with instruments.

She agreed to help, says Ms Fairweather, because other survivors of this cult and their careers did not dare. They are used to pull out babies of about five months. A painfully bound, seemingly semi-conscious woman is raped.

Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern

A symbolic pole and scull are later placed between her legs, which Jennifer explains are part of the ritualised intimidation of the victim. She was introduced by Tarot Cards and Astrology. I wanted to find out more. When she came round she was being initiated. She was being raped.

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  6. A baby was then aborted. Jennifer did not go to the police, because like other victims, she says that police and other authority figures are also involved in the use of mind control techniques. She says:. All were boys. Three were Spanish-speaking, smuggled into Britain from Latin America. First they were sexually abused. MP Greville Janner was alleged to have been involved. Lengthy sections deal with the drugging and whipping of a young man, who then has occult marks and symbols carved in his flesh. Then when it is subsequently killed, the demonic power is multiplied.

    This is not porn. It is very strange and disturbing. You can see incisions clearly made with a knife and the blood welling up gradually. Now I am per cent sure.

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    But how I wish I was wrong. Unfortunately, the victors are not always the good guys. Winston Churchill and Theodor Herzl, for example, kept hour-by-hour accounts of some of the world shattering events in which they were involved. And Herzl, like Churchill, kept a careful eye on just what things were preserved, in order to present an untarnished image of themselves to posterity. To the less fortunate however, what is actually said about them, or what actually took place, very rarely sees the light of day or appears on the printed page.

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    What does appear after all, is almost always contrary to the spirit in which it was said or done, and often completely out of its original context. Radio and T. In three other cities that same week, I heard similar views, from three other Masons involved in engineering. The handshakes were almost entirely masonic. At an appropriate moment I went and asked them if they were aware of the plan. The plan obviously suceeded. This economy, along with all those, that use our crazy fractional-reserve, debt-credit system are heading for another crash, like the s.

    The bankers know it.