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An older man, hair on each side but none in between, with glasses through which I found healing eyes, his hands clasped together comfortably in front of him. I had no idea how to answer that.

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Churches had always scared me. The cold, the darkness, the crucifixion. Yet, here I was, on a Christian pilgrimage, grieving my Buddhist father.

Associations with other gods

The shadow was now spreading, almost entirely covering the church spire, moving like rapidly growing ivy, weaving itself into the distant hills in the October dusk. I had yet to figure out how to believe in myself, but perhaps during a mile walk across a country was a good time to try.

He was always the part I found hard to get on board with. The man enlightened me that he was a volunteer at the hostel, whose ethos is to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the pilgrims who stay there. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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We pay for videos too. Sign in. All Football. Brittany Vonow. It only takes a minute to sign up. A question to all christian groups except Gnostic.

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Due to the lazy o in Hebrew, and the bible being condensed in the 4th century, will we ever truly know is the bible speaking of the:. Ancient symbolism for the SUN is a cross within a circle, because if you look at the sun, its rays shine in criss cross shapes Christian doctrine and theology are based on the Bible, which was originally in Hebrew and Greek plus some Aramaic passages. As such, the English language does not apply at all.

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While the words "son" and "sun" look and sound similar in English, they appear to be quite different in Biblical Hebrew. While Hebrew vowels may be tricky, the consonants alone are enough to distinguish between these words. Additionally, the phrase "Son of God" comes from the the New Testament, which was not written in Hebrew but in Greek, a language which has well defined consonants and vowels. These words are clearly distinguishable.

The ring you noticed that is around Jesus's head is known as a halo ; it is a common element of religious art. Since Christian doctrine and theology are based on the Bible, halos are of no significance, and there are many depictions of Jesus without a halo. Additionally, there are some passages in the Bible that contrasts the light from the sun with the light from God:.

Throughout the Bible, Jesus is presented as the Son of God. This phrase does not mean the Jesus is God's child of descendant, rather it means the Jesus is God taking on human flesh:. Christians do not believe in a God who is completely inaccessible from the world. We believe in a God who entered into the world as a human so that we might be able to see and feel Him, so that we might fully know Him and be known fully by Him. And while Jesus may not be on Earth today, we still have full access to God by the Holy Spirit, who is also fully God and dwells in all who truly believe:.

For Hebrew specifically:. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 9 months ago.

A Son of the Sun (novel) - Wikipedia

Active 8 months ago. Viewed times. Due to the lazy o in Hebrew, and the bible being condensed in the 4th century, will we ever truly know is the bible speaking of the: SUN OF GOD - the sun, we can see and feel Stephanie Soto.