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Around the World in 80 Days
  1. Jules Verne
  2. Around the World in Eighty Days – reviewed by Victor Todorov
  3. Around the World in Eighty Days
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  5. Around the World in Eighty Days - reviewed by Victor Todorov | Macmillan Readers

A man of the most repetitious and punctual habit - with no apparent sense of adventure whatsoever - he gambles his considerable fortune that he can complete a journey around the world in just 80 days With his excitable French manservant in tow, Fogg undertakes the exercise immediately, with no preparations, trusting that his traveling funds will make up for delays along the way. But unbeknownst to him, British police are desperately seeking to arrest him for the theft of a huge sum by someone who resembles him, and they will track him around the world, if necessary, to apprehend him.

This is an adventure novel of the first water, with wholly unexpected perils, hair-breadth escapes, brilliant solutions to insoluble problems, and even a love story. And can this be? Summary by Mark F. Play Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.

Jules Verne

Did anyone else cringe at all the racial slurs? I know this is a couple of centuries back, maybe one, but I don't know, the fact that Europeans had such a negative view of different cultures supports the whole idea of white-privilege. How come the Indians or the Japanese were the exotic ones? Shaun It's a product of the time. Even Sherlock Holmes and other books of the time period have some racially insensitive things. You just have to remember …more It's a product of the time. You just have to remember it's a product of the time Do the Extraordinary Voyages series need to be read in order, or can one start with any of the books in the sequence?

Sashia You can start with any one you want and it won't make a difference to your reading. I didn't even know they were considered a series. See all 30 questions about Around the World in Eighty Days…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details.

More filters. Sort order. Oct 22, James Tivendale rated it really liked it Shelves: classics.

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I could end the review at that and I would be content! Similar to The Journey to the Centre of the Earth which I read yesterday - Verne creates amazingly awesome and complex characters. The main protagonist Mr.

Around the World in Eighty Days – reviewed by Victor Todorov

Fogg is an obsessive-compulsive routine loving timekeeper who bets his chums at the club that he can travel arou "Truly, would you not for less than that make a tour around the world? Fogg is an obsessive-compulsive routine loving timekeeper who bets his chums at the club that he can travel around the world in 80 days, which a newspaper said was possible - if no delays were incurred. He is so deep, that so much is beneath the surface of this quiet, content gentleman.

Never fearing or worrying whatever dilemmas are thrown in his path and always willing to fail the mission to help his friends. He is also very good at handling a boat. I have to ask - does anyone know if he has been in any of Verne's previous stories as it seems like he has an amazing past. If he hasn't been present and that is just what is built up by the writing in this book I am speechless.

His trusty French manservant is amazing too - Not for a long time have two characters been so three dimensional and have I truly cared about them so much in or so pages. This dude is clever, he worries like he is always ruining the plan but he is very loyal, apt gymnast and sometimes a lifesaver.

AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS - FULL AudioBook - Greatest AudioBooks V3

Other characters Fix a stalking policeman and Aouda a rescued Indian damsel are amazingly created colourful characters too. I don't want to say too much of the story but it takes places all over the world. Full of amazing set pieces that whilst being gripping always bring a smile to your face. Traveling on an elephant to rescue a lady due to be burnt to the death, fighting bandits on railway lines in the US are just a couple of these many amazing incidents.

I was expecting a scene with a hot air balloon which I see in all the film version advertisements which spoiler is not in the book. Check it out. Love as always. James x www. View all 12 comments. In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Jean Passepartout, attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days by his friends at the Reform Club. It is one of Verne's most acclaimed works.

Around the World in Eighty Days

View all 4 comments. Jun 24, Fabian rated it really liked it. So I do believe I saved a book's life. Aglow with endearing cliches, this is the source of plenty of adventure stories, many of which are films, comics, etc. But absurd it ain't. It is fun exactly because there is a topsy turvy madness to visiting places just to prove a point.

It is fun because it is rife with in Well It is fun because it is rife with interesting observations, factoids, themes that in Verne's day were barely in development. There is romance, the plot is thick with well Airplanes suck ass anyway! View all 8 comments. Jun 25, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: books-to-read-before-you-die , children. This was the first Jules Verne book I read. I carried it home in a heavy school bag, in the darkness after an winter afternoon in the public library. I was ten, and I had to fill my long evenings, which started at sun set around half past two.

I still remember the smell of the book, picked from the "Classics for children" section, and how I opened it "Mum, could we travel the world in the same way that Phileas Fogg and Passepartout did? I still remember the smell of the book, picked from the "Classics for children" section, and how I opened it and started reading. I knew almost nothing of Victorian England, of travelling to exotic countries, of the honour connected to a wager, of foul play or of religious customs in other cultures or of nature's peculiarities in different geographical areas. According to my memory, I finished the story that same evening, and went back to the library the very next day to check out the entire stock of Jules Verne.

I might be wrong, knowing the strange turns memory takes when something is considered of special importance. It might have been two or three days later. It is a fact, though, that I read all of his novels that dark winter, one after the other, completely enthralled, completely lost in the storytelling. And as fast as I was captured, I was released again.

I had that Jules Verne spell, I loved it, but I never looked back. I was done.

Jules Verne made me realise the potential of books, helped me open the treasure chest of world literature, and he served as a bridge to ever bigger journeys around the literary world. I like to imagine that my journey around Jules Verne's universe took about 80 reading sessions, and that I returned the books to the library so much more enthusiastic about the world of reading that I was ready for my life as a reader.

Afterwards I instinctively felt that those books should remain in my childhood, that I might find things in them I would find ludicrous or horrible now. But the initiation rite of reading Verne when I was an impressionable ten-year-old will always be a memory of great importance to me. And of course I enjoy each minute my children spend with Jules Verne.

Stream audiobook and download chapters

More routined globetrotters than I was, they ask different questions, and reflect more on the radically changed technology and knowledge since the time of Phileas Fogg, whereas I had difficulties understanding the cultural codes in the world - which my children recognise directly from long experience in international schools. The main plot remains exciting, and the cheesy conclusion is as rewarding as any modern "happy end" could be: "But what then? What had he really gained by all this trouble?

What had he brought back from this long and weary journey? Nothing, you say? Perhaps so; nothing but a charming woman, who, strange as it may appear, made him the happiest of men! Truly, would you not for less than that make the tour around the world? Luckily, we still have the option to travel with Fogg and Passepartout! View all 36 comments.

Around the World in Eighty Days - reviewed by Victor Todorov | Macmillan Readers

Jul 12, Ahmed Ejaz rated it liked it Shelves: , full-lengths. But she made me to read this… Well, this book was good. Really good. The reward of winning is 20, pounds which is a huge amount considering it in those days. He, with his servant, goes to this voyage. But the problem is; in those days, there happens a huge robbery in the bank.

And the description of the robber matches with Mr. So that, Detective Fix is after him during this tour.