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Sept 30th - Oct 6th
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As an aside this whole thing has a very South American dictator feel to it: police raids on political parties. It's as if Turnball is turning into Woody Allen's character in Bananas. I think the issue with the NBN documents was not the fact that the Shadow Communication Minister had them, it was more a fact that the information got into the public domain where it could cause the government embarrassment.

Glenn1 and government embarrassment is a reason to bring the AFP in. If that is the case than the government better employ a lot more AFP officers because there is a lot of things this government should be embarrassed about.

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The AFP would never run out of work; run out of things to investigate. They could be raiding offices and homes all over the country. If you read the article, you should already be aware of the fact that the AFP can only operate on matters of commonwealth law.

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Theft does not fall into this category, and as such, were we dealing with a theft investigation, it would have been the state police handling the investigation. The author also brings up a good point: if a law is being constantly broken, but only prosecuted in ways beneficial to the government of the day, that law needs to be reformed, if not rewritten.

Actually, Onieros, it does.

The Criminal Code Act contains sections that deal with the theft of Commonwealth property. It is a federal matter. Hardly election defining moments. What we know is that the LNP are in electoral trouble and as usual they start the "tricks". Given their record on this type of politics Children overboard etc a possible connection IS feasible. Lets focus on stuff that matters. Colonel Klink and Sgt Schulz on economic policy for example. These 2 know nothing and their performance this week is embarrassing - they don't even pretend to know anything. Dutton aka the Lone Ranger and Barndoor Joyce.

Is this the best we can do? Yet when papers on the submarines were leaked which is a matter of national security they did nothing. Those papers were 'stolen' as well. Yes, it is frightening how 'security' is handled. We are now threatened by life-long jail for even thinking about Syria. Each time a child is caught planning silly adventures that might include Syria or Iraq, we get a stern female police officer on TV, telling us that children are risking life long jail.

Sept 23rd - Sept 29th

Terrorism is now so overrated. Of course, the real terrors are our high rates of suicide, the frightening world- highest addictions to ice, our rates of murderous domestic violence, our world worst obesity problem.

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No stern police messages on TV about those though. Hardly a word. I'm sure the people who've had their heads chopped off, or been thrown off buidings, or dropped into acid would agree it was all just a 'silly adventure'.

I agree the threat an individual Australian of being killed by a terrorist is very low, but the doesn't mean you just ignore the problem of radicalisation. So atrocities in the Middle East justify draconian laws approaching police state powers in a democracy 12,km away? At the moment the threat of prison or career destruction from the draconian laws we have stood by and allowed to be passed is many multiples the chance of being threatened by a terrorist in this country. The heavy handed use of these laws is also an aid to the radicalisation of disaffected youth, and a discouragement to those close to them to speak to the authorities.

Not sure either how many heads have been chopped off as a result of leaking information on the incompetence of the current Turnbull NBN. Honestly I don't know the best way to deal with the problem, and don't think the government does either. I am mainly pointing out the phrase 'silly adventures' is news speak worthy of any government.

Joe Rogan on Working for a Private Investigator

Not to mention all those innocent human beings in Australia and in other nations whom are alive directly because of the enacted legislation and the actions of the law enforcement and security services of Australia that prevented them from carrying our their intention to kill innocent human beings here and overseas. You also incorrectly suggest that the laws enacted to prevent Islamists from freely travelling overseas to kill innocent human beings, and no doubt return to Australia to do the same, has caused the radicalisation of 'disaffected youth'.

I instead put it to you that the young and older men who had decided on this course of action did so, and were radicalised, not by Australian legislation but by those that indoctrinated them into the Islamic belief system that gave rise to their beliefs and desire to kill innocent human beings both overseas and in Australia. The lives of human beings are more important than some perceived on your part right of muslims to kill other human beings.

Bollocks argument, joe. Terror laws did nothing to stop those crimes. The crimes were no different to any other assault and do not warrant special treatment.

The incredibly low incidence of these crimes does not warrant the cost to service these laws. Gullible fools feel safe though I Think I Think. Though, the legislation has without doubt enabled our police and security to prevent numerous attacks here in Australia and against other innocent civilians in other nations. What personal liberty have you lost? Case in point, joe, name one conviction that has been made under these laws that wouldn't have been made under our regular laws. And kindly explain what element of the terrorist law was used to secure the conviction.

Hi I Think I Think. Former federal Attorney General Robert McClelland has previously pointed out that in the ten years between and there were four major terrorist plots disrupted in Australia. As at a total of 38 individuals have been prosecuted as a result of counter-terrorism operations and 23 have been convicted. Of them 37 had gained or had Australian citizenship and 16 of them were born overseas and had migrated to Australia. Of course since there was the Endeavour Hills attack by a young man of Afghan descent, he was killed after stabbing two police officers acting in the line of duty.

Followed by the Sydney attack by an Iranian refugee, which resulted in two dead Australians plus the Iranian and a number of others injured as a result of his actions.

Private Investigators Mysteries

Followed by the shoot of a police accountant Mr Cheng by an Iranian migrant and the attempted murder of police who responded. Notably his sister later travelled to Syria to support ISIS as was killed in an airstrike, his brother has moved to Iraq. To date a number of others associated with the killing of Mr Cheng have been charged with terrorism offenses and refused bail. Another has been charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation for assisted the sister join ISIS in Syria.

There of course are the failed plots of Faheem Lodhi, who was charged under the Anti Terrorism Act and other statutes. Muslim cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika also deputy leader of the Islamic Information and Support Centre of Australia and five other muslim men were convicted of planning a terrorist attack and jailed under the anti terrorism legislation. Last year a young man was arrested in Melbourne for plotting to detonate home-made bombs. I hope this answers your question. Sorry, Joe, I am not prepared to accept that the massive assault on basic freedoms, on the basic rule of law that says people are sent to gaol for things they have done not for things someone is afraid they may do, that we are answerable to the security services and not the other way around, that government keeps as much secret from their people as they can rather than be as transparent as possible, that secret on water matters is an affront to democracy.

I don't know why we accept allowing our democracy to slip towards a police state because it makes you feel safe from a terrorist threat which is exaggerated for base political purposes. While the incidents you have listed in your opening are tragedies to the families and friends affected, the fact you can list so few illustrates how this problem is exaggerated.

The road toll in was I am not sure why we just accept that, but go over the top at the suggestion of terrorism. Seems to me that is a massive surrender to the terrorists and that they have succeeded. Terrorists are called that because that is their aim. Being terrified says they have won. Nobody is saying don't respond. The trick is for the response to be proportional.

Our democracy is just fine, people are continuing voting for political parties You see, virtually all this bits of legislation aren't actually 'new' but are really just updates of old legislation that had failed to consider that in the 21st century asymmetrical warfare would be common place.

As for cars And yes, perhaps more training should be required for drivers, and yes perhaps cars should be fitted with roll cages, and yes perhaps road infrastructure could be changed to reduce in incidence of head on collisions etc. But humans are prone to failure Terrorists on the other hand are not an important element of society, which is why the response by the governments elected into office by the public has been entirely proportional in that only those intending to commit terrorism have lost their freedoms. After all my life has not changed one iota since these legislative reforms were enacted Haider was angry because they wouldn't let him leave the country.

He was angry his rights were taken away. He said he was just leaving to find a wife. These laws have taken away everyone's rights but they only target a minority.

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Abbott's dog whistling and fear mongering still carries on. Remember that Abbott was part of the government that illegally invaded a Muslim country on a thin tissue of lies resulting in millions of innocent people killed or injured and many more driven from their homes which were reduced to rubble. Where is the investigation into that?

The meta data laws used to to track down the whistle blowers were introduced on the basis of cracking down on terrorists yet here they are being used against internal dissent without a threat to our society. Unlike the threat to future development caused by the Frankenstein's monster of a third rate NBN foisted on us by lies about how cheap and quick it would be.

Third world conditions at a first world price. Plenty of children have planned crimes just as monstrous, or done things just as stupid I know I had a bent towards some extremist ideals in my youth that are quite the opposite of the extremist ideals I hold now. When young people flirt with white supremacy or misogyny both of which are much greater problems here than the threat of terrorism , we do not investigate them as potential criminals based on their Facebook posts and insist that they attend sensitivity training.