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2. We understand and surrender to the difficult teachings of Christ.
  1. What Does it Take to Fall in Love with God for a Lifetime?
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Such is the life of this Gemini. Yes Suely, absolutely agree, that should be kept private and respected. To be in love with god whilst we are here on earth is a blessing.

What Does it Take to Fall in Love with God for a Lifetime?

Especially when forging new paths and creating new ways that protects and serves others from harm in the process. Amen x. My eyes are welling up with tears as I read about you learning to love Jesus. Have you been reading my mind, stalking me? This exactly what I am going through.

I love him so much I desire to be with him. I worship all day long. And i tell him all day how much i love him. My passion for him keeps growing and is changing me. Thank you for your words of confirmation. Thank you jesus. The love which actually delivers one on one. Falling in love with god is for sad people who cannot find real love in this life. I completely disagree. We can and should love both God and others. I agree Linda. Experiencing true love with God first and having a real relationship with Him allows us to love others like ourselves, and this kind of love is very deep and selfless.

A selfless love last forever and can withstand any storm. Lessons from Jesus our Savior. Great points. They all help a person to slow down and think about God, meditate on God. By telling him you love him helps you to be focused on God and how wonderful he is to you. Stay the course and continue to love God. Thank you for blessing us with this. I want to fall in love with God.

5 Ways to Fall Deeper in Love with God — Charisma News

I was in love with Him for many years and I miss the closeness I had with Him. Yet I find it impossible to make myself read the bible. I am tired of all the hardships of this life and I no matter how hard I try to make myself love the Lord and His word I cant. What do I do? SH, I too have begun to struggle with the question of if I love God.

tiobackkirgeju.tk I know He is absolutely real and I fully believe the Bible. But I wonder if I really love Him or am just doing my duty in service Him and love others because He says to. My plan is to get to know Him deeper. I remember when I gave birth to my first child and he was put in my arms after a very long and painful birth. I just handed him to my husband and wanted to sleep.

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I was a bit worried. But then after even just a week or so, after I had spent so much time with him and got to know his cries, and he content face after nursing and a couple of sweet smiles, I began to fall in love with him!

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I experienced this with all of my 6 children. I have decided that I will try to get to know God better. My plan is to spend time in His word and just with Him. I will ask Him to show me what I need. It makes sense to me that to love someone with all your heart, mind and soul…you need to know that One. RuralNurse…what a loving and poignant reply to SH!

Yet God loves me any way. So I practice Gods style of love toward them and even towards my enemies. With this line of thinking I realize the love that God has for me , and this moves my heart to hate the wrong I have done toward Him. A deeper loves grows stronger, and makes me wont to spend more time in His Book and in a daily conversation with Him. Loving God! I spend time with Him, I have to talk to myself and to God in my head. I talk back and forth me and God and set myself up to study and spend quality one on one time.

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I have a 1 year old, 3 year old and a 29 year old living with me, working 40 hours a week, and spending time with them and God sometimes can be difficult. I like to study in quiet time and my house is busy, busy.

We have to just keep at it. I remember Paul saying the things I want to do, is what I do not do. I really appreciate you saying to tell God you love him — I believe your heart hears what you are saying and even in every day situations once I say I love you it really starts to change my focus and my attitude and actions are different. I dont know how to love God. Without the love for him nothing else works. Obedience …works …. I dont know anymore. Been here a long time. No one understands. It is an excellent book that I believe will help you with this and can be found online for free or just a few bucks.


I love God but most times, i live a life that states the opposite. It leaves me wondering whatelse to do. Ask Him to change you. Choose to obey what He has shown you in your life. And wait on Him as He changes your life. Really helpful. Unreciprocated love goes nowhere.

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In time, however, as she saw his selfless desire, she responded and reciprocated.