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  1. Animations Reveal the Tricks Moving Optical Illusions Play On Your Brain
  2. Breathtaking 3D Illusions
  3. Illusions Quotes by Richard Bach

The trick behind this illusion is called motion binding : When two sets of objects are in motion in front of you, the movements of one set affect how you perceive the movements of the other. Your brain constructs a pattern for the line movements that doesn't exist. Once the solutions have been revealed, you may still have trouble reconciling what you see with what you know to be true.

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But at the very least, turning the illusions off in the moving images below should give your brain a break. The King of Cool is coming to a smart speaker near you.

Animations Reveal the Tricks Moving Optical Illusions Play On Your Brain

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Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers and may receive a small percentage of any sale. Thanks for helping us pay the bills! Each September, the Ig Nobel Prizes a play on the word ignoble are given out to scientists who have wowed the world with their eccentric, imaginative achievements. Roger Mieusset and Bourras Bengoudifa were awarded the anatomy prize for testing the scrotum temperatures in clothed and naked men in various positions.

They found that in some postal workers, bus drivers, and other clothed civilians, the left scrotum is warmer than the right, while in some naked civilians, the opposite is true.

Breathtaking 3D Illusions

They suggest that this discrepancy may contribute to asymmetry in the shape and size of male external genitalia. Shigeru Watanabe and his team nabbed the chemistry prize for tracking the eating and sleeping habits of 15 boys and 15 girls to discover that, regardless of gender, they each produce about milliliters of spit per day.

Children have lower salivary flow rates than adults, and they also sleep longer we produce virtually no saliva when we sleep , so it seems like they may generate much less saliva than adults.

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Ghada A. Papoiu, and their colleagues used cowhage a plant known to make people itchy to induce itches on the forearms, ankles, and backs of 18 participants, whom they then asked to rate both the intensity of the itch and the pleasure derived from scratching it. Subjects felt ankle and back itches more intensely than those on their forearms, and they also rated ankle and back scratches higher on the pleasure scale. The winning neurons influence the message your brain gets and, therefore, what you end up perceiving [source: Hogenboom ].

One theory that researchers have put forth is that some illusions cause us to be fooled because they capitalize on the way the brain constantly tries to make predictions of what will happen next in order to compensate for the small lag time between when an event happens and our ability to perceive it. Sometimes the prediction doesn't match the reality that the illusion depicts.

Another theory tries to explain "apparent motion" illusions, such as the so-called snake illusion where the objects appear to be moving on the page. Here, scientists suggest that the small — almost imperceptible — rapid movements our eyes make called saccades that normally get smoothed out by the brain to give us a single picture are responsible for us perceiving motion when there is none.

Illusions Quotes by Richard Bach

But others say that the illusion instead works because it's sending so many pieces of information to our retina at once, and the simultaneous messages to our visual cortex cause confusion. Obviously, not all illusions work the same way, and some theories don't always hold up when slight modifications are made to the illusions. So, in short, we're still confused about why our brains are so confused! Well, Not Exactly. How Optical Illusions Work. Tricking the Neurons. Prev NEXT.