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It is capable of using its own knowledge to interpret a painting style and transfer it to the uploaded image.

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This tool is a simplified version of the Deep Style one. It is not capable of creating advance transformations but it still shines with some exceptional results. It is also noticeably faster than the Deep Style. Initially it was invented to help scientists and engineers to see what a deep neural network is seeing when it is looking in a given image. Later the algorithm has become a new form of psychedelic and abstract art.

Google's computers are making thousands as artists Read. Computers learn how to paint whatever you tell them to Read. The Facepad is a conformable, flexible circuit built for tracking brain and biosignals on the face. Electroencephalography EEG , electromyography EMG and electrooculography EOG are collected, filtered and analyzed to interpret brain states, facial expression and eye movement.

The Facepad is a high density form factor for extracting more information from sleeping subjects.

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Essence is an olfactory wearable that can release scent based on brain activity, heart rate and electro dermal activity. It can be used during sleep to affect dream content, such as changing the emotional tone of the dream or improve sleep quality.


Essence can also be used for targeted memory reactivation; releasing scent during wakefulness and replay during sleep to cue learning. The Nightorb is work-in-progress for an actuator for Hypnagogic dream direction, using audio to incept thoughts in early stage sleep.

Nightorb enables extension, direction and capture of audio dream content, augmenting creativity by allowing access to fluid thinking present in interstitial semi-consciousness and dreams. A meaner, leaner, smaller, printed circuit board for wearable Brain Computer Interface applications. This board takes in information about heart rate, electrodermal skin response, eye movements and EEG activity, allowing for real time tracking of brainwave activity and facial movements without the cost and bulk of traditional PCB's.

In the MIT Dormio system, the signals come from the hand, where researchers gather data on loss of muscle tone, heart rate changes and changes in skin conductance. When the biosignals appear to signal the end of a transitional state, audio from the social robot is triggered and the person is knocked just a little bit back into wakefulness but not full wakefulness. The audio cue is used as an inception protocol using slight wakeup with words and among test subjects the words reliably entered the hypnagogic dreams as dream content.

The dream of flying

After wake up, the social robot initiated a conversation about dream content and records anything said. After the conversation, the system lets users drift back toward sleep, only to interrupt them again when their biosignals appear to signal transition into deeper sleep and more dreams are extracted.

The next steps are to increase the number of subjects tests and if the system can transfer into later stage REM dream content. The team is also thinking of testing the memory, learning and emotion regulation effect of incepted hypnagogic content as a method of targeted reactivation. Is probably not what you think it is. At first glance circuit design seems simple…. Consumer Peripherals. The Dormio system can influence dreams or record them.


X-Dream - We Interface lyrics • Psychedelic/Goa

Source: MIT. How It Works A user dons devices that collect biosignals that track transitions in sleep stages. To contact the author of this article, email Peter.