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Tours are given through the summer months. They have Lucy key chains, too. Extinct in the wild since Brought into cultivation by 18th-century explorer and naturalist William Bartram, about 5, individual plants remain worldwide, all of which are thought to be descended from the seeds and saplings collected and cultivated by Bartram. The white and gold blooms appear in late summer, just as the foliage starts to turn a fiery red. It also has a beautiful striped bark. Notoriously hard to grow, as they are very susceptible to root rot.

Like traditional Japanese houses, the relationship with nature is intimate: Plants intrude into the interiors, and rooms open up to the garden beds. His houses were constantly transforming and were never truly finished. William Bartram: Eighteenth-century Quaker explorer and naturalist. I really like the look on his face in this Peale portrait: a gentle but brave soul. Each toothed lobe of the leaf contains three small hairs.

If two of those three hairs are tripped by an insect within 20 seconds of one another, the cells in the hinge of the trap constrict, closing the trap. They absorb the nitrogen and nutrients found in the insects that get trapped in the enzyme-rich fluids of their pitchers, which are modified leaves. This is an adaptation to their native bog habitat, which is highly acidic and poor in nutrients.

PW59 - Large Engineering Bench Vice

Thread-leafed Sundew Drosera filiformis : Thread-leafed sundew are native to the bogs of the eastern US. They secrete a sweet but very sticky fluid that traps small insects and eventually breaks them down for the absorption of their nutrients. Like all insectivorous North American plants, their habitats are very fragile and perpetually threatened. Pink Lady Slipper Cypripedium acuale : The pink lady slipper orchid can be found in old-growth open forests of the eastern US. They are nearly impossible to cultivate because they are dependent on a specific kind of soil fungus that helps them absorb nutrients.

They bloom in mid-May.

Indian Pipe Monotropa uniflora : The ghost plant, or Indian pipe, is not a fungus but a parasitic plant that feeds off of larger forest plants and trees by tapping into their root systems. They are white because they lack green chlorophyll; they no longer need to metabolize sunlight to survive. Seeing these is usually a sign of a healthy forest habitat. He was uneducated and poor, but shrewd and almost unbelievably lucky in business.

After marrying a rich widow near the end of the American Revolution, he then bought large amounts of European currencies that were worthless at the time. When trade between America and Europe resumed, he amassed a fortune. He built two ships and began an export business to the West Indies and Europe. Dexter was considered an idiot by his fellow businessmen, who gave him intentionally bad business advice in order to discredit and ruin him: First, they persuaded him to send a ship full of warming pans to the balmy West Indies.

His captain sold them as ladles for the local molasses industry and made a good profit.

Dexter then sent down a shipment of woolen mittens, which Asian merchants, who just happened to be passing through the West Indies, bought for export to Siberia. He then sent two ships full of coal to Newcastle, which should have been a disaster, since Newcastle was the largest manufacturer of coal in England. Dexter then exported Bibles to the East Indies and stray cats to the Caribbean—each time making a tidy profit.

American Eros

He also accidentally amassed a huge stockpile of whalebone by mistake but ended up selling it all for corsets. On the grounds around his gaudy mansion, he erected a forest of wooden statues of the great men of his age, making sure to include himself.

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He then hired a poet laureate, whose sole job was to pen fulsome verse in praise of Dexter. The book was devoid of consistent spelling and punctuation.

Credit Clearinghouse Board

Metz Bicycle Museum: David Metz has collected and restored antique bicycles and odd mechanical household utensils for over 50 years. Some of the bicycles in his collection are the last of their make and model in the world. His museum, a small cinder-block garage in Freehold, New Jersey, is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Metz, who is in his mids, gives all tours personally.

Spirit Spheres: Awful name sounds like a feminine hygiene product , but their appeal and potential is undeniable. Can you imagine sleeping in one on a cool, breezy night, being lulled to sleep by the swaying trees?

Get PDF Narrens vise

I can see biologists using them as long-term observation posts, in areas where solid ground is a problem swamps, etc. I can imagine someone in New York starting a rooftop motel with these. Retro-futuristic, but elegant. Nothing keeping some DIY fiber-arts kids from making them on their own, really—a Martin Puryear-inspired rattan one would be amazing. They seem like outposts on a strange planet, which they are.

Fletcher Street Cowboys: For as long as anyone in North and West Philadelphia can remember, generations of men and boys have been keeping horses in vacant buildings converted into makeshift stables.

Stolen Child

On any given weekend, one can see them racing their horses in Fairmount Park or trotting down the streets. Once there were over cowboys in Philly, but now the number has dwindled to around Jones used native wood to form the chapel so that it might better blend with its Ozark forest setting as it rises into the canopy of surrounding trees. It was important to Jones that no trees should be cut; trusses, assembled on site, were simply lifted into place.

Jones espoused an organic architecture that emphasized clarity of structure but used repetition of form to create a pleasing visual rhythm and depth. Now just try to think of a megachurch without retching. They emerge from their cocoons in late May, using a small spur at the base of their wing to cut open the cocoon. Photo: Prosser Pines County Park. The Clearinghouse also oversees the management and utilization of the Credit Clearinghouse "bank," funds which have been earmarked for purchasing credits.

The Clearinghouse maintains this permanent standing fund which is managed by the Suffolk County Treasurer's office, with policy and instructions provided by the Clearinghouse. Your session has expired. Please sign in again so you can continue to borrow titles and access your Loans, Wish list, and Holds pages. If you're still having trouble, follow these steps to sign in. Add a library card to your account to borrow titles, place holds, and add titles to your wish list. Have a card? Add it now to start borrowing from the collection. The library card you previously added can't be used to complete this action.

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