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Buy Now! Together with the previous Songs The Jukebox Taught Me project, this collection of classic songs is a tribute to the songwriters who crafted them, and the artists who sang them — the heroes and teachers who taught me this music.

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The jukeboxes that held these songs were, and are, the best textbooks I could ever hope to have. The lessons learned shaped me as a singer and songwriter. They are priceless to me, and I hope the folks who listen to this album will treasure them as well. Gwen Congratulations. Tips Of My Fingers.

See The Big Man Cry.

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Blame It On The Times. This Cold War With You. This Must Be The Bottom.

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High On A Hilltop. A strange thing happens when we encounter a book we used to love and suddenly find it charmless; the feeling is one of puzzled dissociation.

Shel Silverstein Made Me Do It Volume 2

Was it really me who once cherished this book? But then time passes, and the boy forgets about her. One day, the boy, now a young man, returns, asking for money. A little Googling corroborated my own distaste.

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His biography and body of work suggest a subtler, and, in the end, perhaps an even more troubling, way of looking at it. Silverstein detested stories with happy endings. Born in on the northwest side of Chicago, Sheldon Allan Silverstein grew up in a second-story apartment crammed with relatives. His parents, an immigrant father from Eastern Europe and a Chicago-born mother, opened an unsuccessful bakery on the heels of the Great Depression. He was a distracted student, who may have also suffered from dyslexia at fifteen, he misspelled his middle name on his Social Security application.

follow link Silverstein discovered his passion for drawing early, and it became his refuge from his increasingly wrathful father. His break came three years later when, discharged and unemployed, he visited the offices of a fledgling magazine for men and met its editor, himself an avid cartoonist: Hugh Hefner.


He was raggedly attractive though not particularly handsome : his beard full, his brows furrowed, his half smile gap-toothed, his hair long later he was completely bald. He was wildly prolific and prolifically wild. White give them?