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Page 3: Evidence-Based Mathematics Practices
  1. Classroom Management: What is Standards-Based Grading?
  2. Classroom Management: What is Standards-Based Grading?
  3. Differentiation: A Way of Thinking About the Classroom
  4. Standards-based Learning
  5. Standards-Based Teaching

You can see this in the chart below. What does a proficiency score of 4 entail?

Standards-Based Teaching and Reporting

What does a 1 mean? Keep in mind that numbers can be quite deceiving when considering progress against proficiency levels.

Classroom Management: What is Standards-Based Grading?

Parents and students reviewing their progress may see that in a more negative light. To remedy this, set up your proficiency scales at the district or course level to display text instead of numbers, which could greatly alleviate concerns about the level indicators.

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The instructional changes that often come along with transitioning to standards-based grading bring myriad advantages to the classroom. As with most things, we must identify the aspects of this approach that are deemed positive as well as those that might prove challenging to implement.

In a standards-based classroom students can focus on mastery and understanding without constantly worrying about getting the most points. For students to have ownership, learning targets should be presented in student friendly language to support student understanding of learning goals. When rubrics are incorporated, students have a better grasp on the path to success and can easily self-assess and reflect on their own progress.

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Classroom Management: What is Standards-Based Grading?

This self-direction paired with the ability to focus their efforts and choose their activities leads to ownership of their learning. Now, sometimes this is the best method, for example, in an introductory lesson when everyone needs to receive the same information. Alternatively, in classrooms that employ standards-based grading, teachers have a better understanding of student mastery: what it looks like and where students are on the scale. At anytime, they can identify the students at a level 3, 2, or 1, so they can offer assignments that are appropriate for that level.

Students at level 1 receive practice and activities to help them reach a level 2, and so on.

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This type of differentiated learning makes lessons more relevant for students, leading to positive learning experiences and a greater interest in school. Quality feedback can improve and accelerate student learning. Students understand why they receive each score.

Differentiation: A Way of Thinking About the Classroom

They get a breakdown of how they performed on each standard that details their level of proficiency. Students and parents appreciate being able to track performance so thoroughly, rather than just being handed a vague letter grade with no explanation and questionable value. Curricular goals through clearly identified learning targets and proficiency scales are clarified at the beginning of the class, so the teacher knows exactly what they are expected to teach.

Using consistent formative assessments , teachers and students are able to track how well they are understanding the learning targets and can adjust instruction as needed to ensure proficiency. If standards-based grading is new in your school or district, it may be all the Kindergarteners have ever known, but think about the 7th graders… or the seniors. Without student buy-in, implementing a new standards-based approach is not likely to be successful. Readers can use this book to transform their pedagogy and practice to better meet the needs of all learners with a standards-based approach.

This book is not available as an inspection copy. Skip to main content. Download flyer Recommend to Library. Description Contents Reviews Preview Win big in the standards-based classroom! Drake University.

Standards-based Learning

Tema International School. Swain County Schools. Becca Lindahl, Ed. Hillman Consulting. America Achieves. Best Evidence Encyclopedia Presents reliable, on-going reviews of research-proven educational programs. Big Deal Media Identifies free print and electronic publications, information and tools that K educators need for meeting the needs of all students—vetted through the prism of the curriculum.

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The California Subject Matter Projects Support on-going quality professional educator development, including instructional strategies that emphasize the CCSS, and technology-infused 21 st Century skills of collaboration, creativity, and communication. University of California Office of the President. BetterLesson Provides thousands of reviewed grade three through twelve Common Core-aligned lessons created by classroom teachers in the Master Teacher Project. EduCore Provides access to searchable evidence-based tools and resources to help middle and high school educators implement the CCSS.

Standards-Based Teaching

Edutopia Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards Provides lessons, and access to blogs, Web sites, organizations, articles, and other resources looking at the CCSS and other standards-based subjects. George Lucas Foundation. Visible Learning.