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Have lunch with an astronaut and hear about experiences in zero-gravity orbit and reflections gained from orbiting the Earth. Learn how Mission Control communicates with the International Space Station, brainstorm with experts about what it would really take to colonize Mars and taste-test food astronauts take on missions. Take a lesson on the physics of flight and aircraft design and maintenance, then try to draw up your own flight plan.

See if you have what it takes to pilot an aircraft during a flight simulation at the Lone Star Flight Museum, then try a thrilling ride of a different kind as you test the limits of modern engineering and experience near-zero-gravity at the Kemah Boardwalk. Enjoy freshly caught Gulf seafood and cool off at a local swimming hole. As the program concludes, wrap up your independent project to share with your group and celebrate your time together. If you have questions or would like to talk further about any of our programs, we invite you to inquire for more information.

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10 Greatest Moments in Flight | Space

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10 Best Sights in Florida for Aviation and Space Geeks

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Our museums offer school programs and workshops This original documentary film series — created by Canadian film students and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum — showcases powerful, StarBlox Inc. Ingenium — Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation. Birthday Parties Ingenium.

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World War 2 brings military manufacturing to California

Membership is the ideal way for you and your family to enjoy all of the fascinating exhibitions and activities at all three Museums as often What's On. See All Events. See All Exhibitions. Permanent Exhibition. Collection Highlights. Myers was one of 11 men specifically recruited by Dr. Ashton Graybiel to help test the feasibility of human spaceflight, at a time when nobody knew whether the human body could withstand a trip beyond our atmosphere. For nearly a decade, the US Navy put 11 men through countless tests.

Four of the men spent 12 straight days inside a foot room that rotated constantly. In another experiment, they were sent out to notoriously rough seas off the coast of Nova Scotia. On the boat, the men played cards while the researchers were so overcome with seasickness that they had to cancel the test and go home.

In fact, they would never be allowed. They were recruited for these tests for the exact reason they would never pass the NASA astronaut qualification exams: All 11 men were deaf. Ten out of the 11 men had become deaf because of spinal meningitis, an infection of the fluid in the spinal cord. The assumption has long been that this training is a necessity—traveling to space is a mentally and physically grueling endeavor.

We need the strongest, smartest, most adaptable among us to go.

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But strength comes in many forms, as do smarts. Which has led disability advocates to raise the question: What actually is the right stuff? Take, for example, people who use ostomy bags. Right now, pooping in space is actually an important technical challenge. During takeoff, landing, and spacewalks, astronauts wear diapers. While in the space station, they use a toilet that requires a fair amount of precision and training to use. Astronauts have told all kinds of stories about rogue poop, or situations in which the toilet has backed up or generally gone awry.

None of this would be an issue for an astronaut with an ostomy bag.

Nelson, a disability design specialist who uses an ileostomy bag—a pouch that connects to her intestine and collects waste. I could attach it to a space suit. All the various devices and ways of moving the body in space are likely more familiar to people with disabilities than to able-bodied people. Or consider movement in space.