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Buyers have definitely taken the company up on its offer; Zippo has made about eight million repairs to date. One veteran told Zippo that his wife gave him the windproof lighter before he went to fight in the Vietnam War, and the pocketed Zippo stopped a bullet.


Even in civilian life, the handy gadgets can be lifesavers. In , a man was shot by a burglar but survived thanks to the Zippo in his pocket. The quoted price for this unusual request was so staggering that the company asked the shop to hold on to the car while execs weighed the cost. They discovered that the auto shop had closed, and there was no sign of the vehicle anywhere. Duke decided to recreate it using another Chrysler Saratoga.

However, this version is lighter than the original and boasts a sturdier suspension to keep the tires from blowing out. You can also see both the first lighter and the millionth lighter Zippo made.

Important Piece Of Zippo Lighter They Were Invented & Why...

I got it up to 95 mph, not very smart! I told him that 95 was all that I could get out of it. He promised me bodily harm if I did that again.

LIGHTERS AND KNIVES - Zippo / Case Museum

At the time, Eddie was working in the green houses, which used steam boilers to sterilize the dirt in the growing benches. And it did. A courtship short of just 25 days lasted 66 years.

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Eddie found work as an automatic transmission mechanic at the Nash dealer in Chillicothe, MO. With a new family, they sold their bikes and went without for a few years but continued owning and riding motorcycles well into the s.

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In April of , Viola had her right hip replaced. In the fall of , Zippo obtained trademark registration for the shape of the Zippo lighter. This was a major milestone to help protect the brand from counterfeiters. In February Zippo acquired the Ronson brand of lighters and Ronsonal brand of fuel. In the company introduced an all-metal hand warmer, launching the Zippo Outdoor products.

The hand warmer uses Zippo premium lighter fluid and provides a steady source of heat longer than any other product on the market. In the Zippo Outdoor product selection expanded to include an emergency fire starter kit and flex neck utility lighter.

Why Zippo's flame refuses to die - Esquire Middle East

In , during its 80 th anniversary year, Zippo production surpassed the landmark millionth lighter. The modern design features a combination of rich and rugged textures, like leather and brick, and a mix of vintage artwork and lifestyle photography. In Zippo launched a line of robust Zippo-branded camping gear and fire accessories.

Today, George B. Duke, Mr. There are many Zippo collectors around the world. Their fervor and dedication to the brand is unparalleled. To enhance the collecting experience, Zippo collector clubs around the world hold meet ups and other events throughout the year. Companies around the world continue to use Zippo lighters as an advertising and promotional tool. The Zippo lighter has been featured in more than 2, movies, stage plays and television shows over the years. In a world where most products are simply disposable or available with limited warranties, the Zippo pocket lighter remains backed by its famous lifetime guarantee.

The Zippo pocket lighter is ingrained in American culture and is a global icon of durability and reliability. About Us.